Heritage in Schools

The Heritage in Schools Scheme provides a panel of 145 Heritage Specialists who visit primary schools throughout the country.

Would you like to bring “Nature School” to your school?

A School Visit under the “Heritage in Schools” scheme can take place:

  • In the Classroom
  • In the school grounds (or nearby)
  • On a Field Trip in a local woodland or forest

We work with primary schools in the following counties:

  • Galway
  • Mayo
  • Leitrim
  • Sligo
  • Longford
  • Westmeath
  • Roscommon

About Us

Bernard and Zane live near Castlebar in Co. Mayo with their three children. For more than a decade and a half now they have embarked on an ambitious project to restore an area of ancient hazel woodland and create a new native woodland on the family farm. The project started back in 2001 when the site was chosen by the Forest Service to pilot the proposed Native Woodland Scheme and so became one of the first woodlands in the country under the new scheme. One of the objectives of there project is to create an awareness of the important role that Ireland’s Native Woodlands play in enhancing biodiversity, protecting our rivers and lakes and providing a safe home to may of our endangered species. Over the past few years we have been delighted to welcome children from our local school, scouting organisations and adults to come and play and learn in our woodlands. Ireland has such a wealth of wonderful unspoiled  natural outdoor areas on our doorsteps that are just waiting to be discovered and explored. Since 2010 we have been working with schools under the Heritage in Schools Scheme.

Zane Kazotniece

Zane Kazotniece


Bernard Joyce

Bernard Joyce


To get in touch


  • (094)9067080 (Office)

  • (087)2254698 (Bernard mobile)

  • (087)1202252 (Zane mobile)

Available Dates for School Visits / Field Trip

Upcoming Events

Raheens Woodland

Raheens Woodland, Castlebar, Co. Mayo. Raheens Wood is located just a few kilometres west of Castlebar in Co. Mayo. A great spot for a walk or a family day out or a place to take your students from your primary school as part of a field trip with the Heritage in...

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Wildlife Gardens for Schools

Creating a wildlife garden or native woodland area in the grounds of your school can create a wonderful resource for learning. One only has to look at the way in which a flower will force it's way up through a crack in concrete or tarmacadam to realise that nature...

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New Radio programme for 4-7 year olds

Stings, Wings & Crawly Things.  An interesting new radio show all about Ireland’s insect world is coming to the airwaves. Stings, Wings & Crawly Things is a 12 part series for children aged 4-7 years that tells us all about Irish insects, spiders and other...

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10 Reasons to take Your Students Outside

10 Reasons To Take Your Students Outside (Thanks to Tamra Willis, originally posted in the Children & Nature Network)  Nature is everywhere! Every school, home and daycare has some kind of outdoor space nearby where teachers can take students for school work or...

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Forest Schools and Learning

Forest Schools and Learning It is great fun to take the classroom out of doors but Forest Schools can also improve academic studies. Teachers are finding that children are better able to concentrate when they are learning outdoors. More importantly students themselves...

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Taking Learning Outdoors

Outdoor Environmental Education - Taking Learning Outdoors -Sweden A number of years ago I came across the concept of Forest Schools in Scandinavia when researching for a thesis on Native Woodlands in Ireland so I was delighted that I could visit Sweden and see for...

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